Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Genealogical Conference

Good morning everyone. Here I am at the National Genealogical Conference in Raleigh, NC. Tuesday, Proquest (our vendor for Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest), sponsored a day long session for librarians (it was great...many thanks). Two of the sessions introduced brand new sites that were put together in time for this conference. I am getting them to you pronto so you can have a heads up. They are very new so expect some quirks.

The first site is a collaboration between the NC State Library and the NC State Archive. They have digitized 200+ family bibles. I believe they said that the first batch of bibles had to cover a span of at least 200 years so they should be awesome. It just went live Friday. Each record has a comment window and a window for tagging. They may be adding more bibles so keep checking back.

Next, the North Carolina State University Library at Chapel Hill has digitized the 30 volumes of the NC Colonial State Records. This will be a great site for revolutionary war sources. It is still in the beta phase but they have it going and would appreciate your comments.

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Lessie said...

Lucky you for getting to go to the conference. Thanks for sharing the web sites.