Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IGHR day 2 - Southern Claims Commission

Sorry i haven't been as reliable as I promised. Yesterday was an interesting day and I want to share with you information about the Southern Claims Commission.

Between 3 March 1871 and 3 March 1873, Southerners filed 22,298 claims before the Southern Claims Commission (SCC) based on the fact they were loyal to the Union during the Civil War and had quartermaster stores or supplies taken by or furnished to the Union Army during the rebellion.

The index of these claims is available on the St Louis Public Library web site. Once you click on the SC list it is divided by county and then by name. There is a claim number next to each name that refers to a file. They files are held by the National Archive.

The index only lists the name on the file but the files are full of additional names of freedmen who testified at the hearings.

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Lessie said...

Great link. I was surprised it was imbedded in the title, but very very helpful. Many thanks.