Saturday, September 17, 2011

SC Discus database trials

If you have a South Carolina library card in good standing you have an opportunity to have input on this years database selection for Discus. If you haven't heard of SC Discus then I am to blame for not keeping you informed. My only excuse is that up to now they haven't had any genealogy databases. Hopefully that will soon change.

SC Discus is South Carolina’s virtual library. It is the “information place” for all South Carolinians. DISCUS – which stands for Digital Information for South Carolina USers – provides free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7.

In addition to many other great databases Discus is looking at: Ancestry Library Edition, HeritageQuest, Fold3 (formerly Footnote) and the Sanborn Digital Map Database.

Even if your library carries these databases you should review them. If Discus picks up the cost of one then your library may be able to provide patrons with another database.

Public libraries can only give the password to their customers. So if you live in Kershaw you can get the user id and password from your public library.

Of course, you Richland County folks can call me! But I won't be at work until Monday at 1:00! However, if you are one of my regulars you have my e-mail...

The trials last until the end of September.

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