Monday, September 10, 2007

City Directories

City Directories are a great tool for genealogical information. We use them all the time to locate someone at a place and time. At the SEptember 9 meeting of the Columbia Genealogy meeting I learned about two new resoureces for Columbia City Ditectories.

Frances Osburn shared with me that the 1859 Columbia City Directory is online at:

The speaker at the meeting was Warner Montgomery from the Columbia Star. His presentation was about the founding of Columbia. He shared with us the information he transcribed from a book called Random Recollections of a long life: 1806-1876 by Edwin Scott. Scott kept a journal of business and residences in Columbia circa 1812. It is very interesting and a great tool to add to Columbia's City Directories collection. Available to check out at the Richland County Public Library.

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