Saturday, June 7, 2008

My news

Many of my colleagues RSS this blog so I thought I would announce my new position so everyone can share in the good news. I have been promoted to Local History Manager at the Richland County Public Library. The start date will be June 30th and I am, of course, very excited. Alot of my work in Periodicals has "cross referenced" with Local History so I think it will be a good fit.

History and genealogy work very well with technology and I hope I will be able to bring some of the 2.0 stuff to our Local History Room. The blog will continue as usual and long live the Dead Librarian.


Taneya said...

Congratulations on your new position!

Moultrie Creek said...

I am so jealous. You definitely have a dream job! Congratulations.

Curtis Rogers said...

congrats!!! :-)