Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One of the advantages of using the Blogger program for this blog are the added value of google extras. One of those extras is the analytics program. It tells me how many hits I have, what country they come from and what web site referred this blog. So I know that in the last month I have had 17 hits from the Live Oak Public Library. It is really just intetresting minutiae but it amuses me.

Okay it does more than amuse me. It is also a learning tool. When I see a new referral site I go and check it out. One of the new referrel sites is the abcgenealogy.com site. It is a Cindy's List sort of site but it is organized in several different ways: alphabetically, subject, regionally, etc. It is much cleaner to look at and use. There are curently almost 13,000 links.

The abcgenealogy site also lets users rate a site without registration. Yippee!
If you decide to use the link above it goes to the page with the Dead Librarian site listed. Please consider giving me a rating and check out abcgenealogy while you are there.

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