Monday, April 27, 2009

South Carolina Families Online

Worrying about South Carolina Family Histories that are online have been a reoccuring problem for me. There is alot online and I can't keep it all in my head. I am resolved to do something about it so I have added a new section to this blog for online family histories. If you want to tell me one to add please do, otherwise, I will add them as I find them or as I remember to add them. :)

That is a simple fix. A much harder fix is to find a place for all the information that researchers are putting in databases on their computers. I personally know patrons with hundreds of thousands pieces of data on their computers. The chances of having these massive amounts of data published in print are slim. We need a website to store and search all these databases. Libraries seem to be unaware or like mine we are aware but don't have enough storage for these databases.

However, if the information is in excel we might be able to put them in our Community Resources database. Let me think (re:worry) about it somemore...


bjs said...

The link on your sidebar to the Newberry site doesn't seem to work.

Taneya said...

Perhaps you could get their Gedcom files and use genealogy software to print out Register reports (w/ citations if people have them) of their family tree files and add them to your collections? Or, collect the gedcoms and import them into web-based databases?