Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beaufort Public Library would like your input

Beaufort Public Library and Spartanburg Public were the first libraries in SC to have online obituary indexes. They set the standard for public libraries to make more research available for genealogists. It was certainly the leadership from Beaufort that motivated the creation of the Obituary Portal hosted by the SC State Library.

Now Beaufort is improving the online access to their obituary portal and they are looking for constructive input about the BETA version. Grace Cordial is the Historical Resources Coordinator at BPL and she says:

"We’re testing a new way of doing our Online Obituary Index. The BETA version is hanging out on our old page: When you click on the BETA, you will find the dead people. (Please note: we’ve named the file on purpose!. I insisted). We’ll be soliciting reactions until February 1st. It would be very kind of you to post a note about this on your Dead Librarian blog so we can gather test data from outside our system. Comments can come directly to me."

The link for comments to Grace is listed right under the BETA link on the old page. Just click the post title and it will all become clear.


Julie said...

I am impressed by your blog and would like to give you the "Kreativ Blogger" award. You can find more information on my blog at:

Taneya said...

I've sent some comments to Grace. Thanks for sharing the beta version!