Saturday, July 3, 2010

For My "Lower Richland" peeps

This photo appeared in The State newspaper 4/9/1957. The text attached to the article follows:

Eighth grade students of Hopkins High School are shown above during a recent tour of the editorial offices, composing room, and press operations of The State. They include, left to right, first row, Z. Rice, J. Washington, U. Rice, H. Stocker, F. Williams, W. Stocker, J. Wilson, E. Rice, A. Richardson and R. Smith. Second row, S. Story, L. Williams, C. Weston, R. Randolph, D. Weston, O. Wilson, W. Sims, B. Taylor, J. Williams. Third row, J. Gish, teacher, E. Young, P. Pearson, R. Washington, W. Washington, J.C. Weston, E. Goodwin, J. Watson, J. McRant, bus driver, and R.E. Pearson, teacher (Staff Photo)

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