Thursday, October 14, 2010

Former Richland County slaves

This site provides an alphabetical list of former slaves and former slave owners from the "fork" of Lower Richland County in 1870. I have been using it so often that I am including the link on the blog.

Rev. Middleton is an amazing researcher and I have been trying to get this information from him in print to keep in Local History. I am equally happy to have it available online.

However, we do have many books written by Rev. Middleton:

1.Directory and pre-1900 historical survey of South Carolina's Black Baptists
by Middleton, John Allen, 1954- J.A. Middleton and Associates, c1992.
Call #: 286.133 Mid

2. Acton, pincushion and the turn out. Vol. 2
by Middleton, John Allen, 1954- J.A. Middleton, c1998.
Call #: 929.3 Mid

3.An oral history interview with John Allen Middleton
by Middleton, John Allen, 1954-, Hurley, Suzanne Cameron Linder, Richland County Public Library (Columbia, S.C.). Film & Sound Dept.
Richland County Public Library Film & Sound Dept., 1996.
Call #: AUDIO 907.2 Mid

4.The making of the Middletons
by Middleton, John Allen, 1954- J.A. Middleton and Assoc., 2008?]
Call #: 929.2 Mid

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