Thursday, August 30, 2012

Give me your dead and buried

The Chicora Foundation, thanks to a grant from the Richland County Conservation Commission, has been researching Richland County cemeteries to: 1. identify and map all of our cemeteries; 2. help developers be aware of these areas and 3. encourage citizens to restore and preserve forgotten places.

There are a lot of folks in lower Richland County and the northern Richland County who tell me about forgotten local burial places.  Now is the time to bring those sites to the attention of people who care.

The Chicora Foundation has worked on many of our less fortunate cemeteries in Columbia including Randolph, Douglass, lower, and penitentiary.  They graciously donate a copy of their reports to the Walker Local History Room.  I love them!

Questions: 803-787-6910

You can also leave a comment here and I will make sure Chicora gets the info.

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