Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Palmetto Leader

Let's talk a little about the Palmetto Leader. This was a Columbia, SC African American newspaper that published from 1925-1966. The paper published news from all around South Carolina and is a good resource for death information.
Generally the death information is little more than a notice of death (Cochran obit)
For more prominent members of black society there were in-depth obituaries (Rev. Bythewood).
Death information also chronicled the migration of blacks to the north as seen in the Ferguson obit.
At Richland County Public Library we are indexing any deaths that are published in this paper. We have completed 1925-1930. The link to this database is listed to the right.
There is an excellent article written about the Palmetto Leader in the October 2006 South Carolina Historical Magazine by Kerstyn M. Haram (volume 107 number 4).

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