Thursday, June 4, 2009

Online indexes clean-up

The barometric pressure is going haywire and there is an 80% chance of rain today so it seemed a good day to do some blog house-cleaning. I went through all the online index links and checked their status. I did make some important changes that I want to share with everyone.

1. I deleted the online obituary index links for Florence and Horry Counties. I talked with Florence Public Library about their status. They told me that the index is down and they are not sure if or when it is going back up. The indexes are still available in-house. Contact them and they can still PDF an obit to you. The link for the SC Room is: (Between you and I they also said that they will e-mail copies of SC death certificates at no charge.)
While I haven't heard anything officially from Horry County I heard from a patron that there is some sort of dispute over their obituary index. It has been offline for a long time and I am just removing it from the list. If and when I hear something concrete I will let you all know.

2. The links for Greenville have been updated to include their obituary index and news index. They are doing an awesome job with their indexing project. feels good to have a tidy little blog house.

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