Friday, June 19, 2009

Genealogy Blogs and SC updates

Genealogy blogs can be a great tool for keeping up to date with new materials, digitization and interesting news. There are a few that I check regularly.

Genealogy Books - I like this site because, for whatever reason, genealogy books are not always reviewed in the main publications we use for collection development. I have to constantly check Ancestry Magazine, Everton's and other magazines to see what new publications are coming out. This site helps.

Genealogy Librarian - Of course, I have to visit a site with librarian in the title. No matter what, we are public servants and it is helpful to see what our colleagues are doing but it is good for the general public to see what we are doing, also, so take a look at it.

Genealogy Reference- This site is from Jack Simpson, Curator of the Newberry Library in Chicago. It is a beautiful facility. I visited it during an American Library Association conference a few years ago. On a lark, I looked for information on some Illinois ancestors and I found a goldmine. There was a book I read, not too long ago, called the Time Travelor's Wife that took place in Newberry Library. It was a fun read, actually great for summertime reading.

NEW NEWS: The University of South Carolina was recently awarded a grant to digitize a selection of South Carolina newspapers from 1860-1922. Here is the link for the press release but i have also linked this post's title to it:

Kate Boyd asked me about a year ago to be on the advisory board for this project. I am looking forward to having input on what gets digitized. So more information is on the virtual horizon. Hooray!


Jennifer said...

Very exciting news about the SC newspaper digitization. I have find newspaper research to be invaluable in my genealogy work and with half of my husband's ancestry centered in South Carolina, this is great news to me!

Dead Librarian said...

yes, it is very exciting. let me know what areas of SC you research and I will pitch for those newspapers. DB

M. Thomson said...

I want to thank you for this blog. It was extremely helpful in my decision to start my own genealogy blog just this week. It's wonderful to know that so much is available right here in town. I'll be visiting you all soon! Looking forward to the workshop in July, too.

I would love to see Barnwell and Bamberg newspapers as well as some from Fairfield County. Lexington Dispatch, too.