Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More digitized books

Can it be that I haven't shared my new "toy" with you?!! I looked through the past posts (say that fast)and I don't see any mention of the digitized book project at the Family Search site. It really is neat. There are nearly 40,000 books digitized. It is a work in progress so everytime I go back the number is higher.

There are ten participating libraries including Houston's Clayton Library and, the ever famous, Allen County PL.

I like to work from the advanced search page. You can search the whole collection or chose one collection to start with. I searched all the 'family history" collections for "south carolina" and received lots of hits. You may also search by name but I was looking for a general view of what they had.

There were two in particular that I liked for my library. I downloaded and printed them. Now they are part of this collection. Sure patrons could look on-line for themselves but alot of people like to sit and look at a print copy...imagine that!


Anonymous said...

digitized books - is this at family

Dead Librarian said...

Yup, it is Family Search but with several participating libraries.