Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

Occasionally you might see me mention my colleague and friend Margaret. We are both very geeky about genealogy stuff and belong to the same genealogy listserv. The listserv recently had posts concerning Filby's Passenger and Immigration lists. Genealogy research is still kind of new to this library so we have been chewing each other's ear off about this resource. We recently managed to have these volumes reclassified so they can be in the Local History Room because patrons have been asking questions about this.

Well, the listserv also mentioned this Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. It is a pretty interesting site so I thought I would pass on the info. The link is through the post title.

Tonight I think I will go home and dig up the info I have on my German ancestors and see if they pop up. Maybe I can add some new faces to my Facebook page. :)

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