Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Google News Archive title list

Recently the genealogy group in Diigo posted a website for all the newspapers digitized in the Google News Archive (see direct link under Online newspapers). The list is alphabetical and doesn't include the location so you need to know the name of the newspaper. My Christmas Day treat was to go through the list and pull out all the SC newspapers I could find.

When Jean, a fellow sufferer, went through the list for the Charleston papers she found alot of errors especially with dates. I found the same problem so search carefully. Fortunately, Google gives a neat looking timeline so you can see what time period your search is covering.

Fairfield Independent: 4/12/1979-2/25/1982
Columbia Daily Register 8/28/1877-7/27/1887
Columbia Register 7/28/1875-12/31/1975
Columbia Star: 11/25/2005-4/17/2009
Spartanburg Herald Journal: 1/19/1790 – 12/28/2008 (goes back to 1890 not 1790)
Herald Independent (Winnsboro): 3/11/1982-12/30/2008
Horry County News & Loris Sentinel: 10/3/1950-12/30/1959
Horry Independent: 6/17/1999-4/16/2009
Island Packet: 11/1/2001 – 6/30/2008
Item (Sumter): 10/15/1894-1/28/2008
Loris Scene: 11/25/1998-4/15/2009
Loris Sentinel: 10/3/1950-12/23/1959
Rock Hill Herald: 1/15/1880-12/31/1989

(Special thanks to Jean for locating all the Charleston newspaper “varietals” below)
The Charleston Mercury 1818 - 1868 (they say through 1957 but they have mis-dated that one)
The Charleston Daily News 1873
The News and Courier Dec 1873 - 1991
The Sunday News Jul 1883 - Jun 1924
Charleston Post & Courier misc. 1981, 1985, 1986, 1991
The Post and Courier 1982 - Jun 2009
The News and Courier/the Evening Post Dec 1984
Sunday Post/Courier misc. 1986 - 1991
Saturday Post-Courier misc. 1987 - 1991
The Evening Post/the News and Courier misc. 1989 - 1991

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