Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twitter Archive

How easy or difficult will research about you be for your ancestors?

Since Print resources seem to be in a steep decline maybe our ancestors will find information about us through our online connections. Facebook, twitter and blogs are just a few places that might be a wealth of information for future genealogists. So I was very interested in the announcement that Twitter has donated its tweet archive to the Library of Congress.

It made me think about my online presence and what it will tell about me in 100 years. They will know my favorite books and tv shows; what errands I ran on September 5, for example. There will be alot of inane details but, i think, they will know my personality and characteristics. Exactly what I crave to know about my ancestors!

It will be very interesting to follow the development of the Twitter Archive and to watch what it tells about us. It might be a glimpse into the future.

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Free Genealogy Guide said...

I think it will also be interesting for our descendants to examine the tweets of their ancestors when they were teenagers. Sometimes the interests of younger people and their communication are a mystery to contemporary adults. Imagine how alien these things could seem to adults of the future.