Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bringing down brickwalls on Facebook

Once upon a time I used Facebook to see what my homepeeps were doing or to check on the antics of my (grown) children. Sometimes I even posted something about what I was doing. I would spend, at most, 15 minutes a day checking the "most recent" posts.

FamilySearch seems determined to change all of that and is keeping Facebook open on my computer all night! New pages have been popping up like the wildfires in Arizona. South Carolina Genealogy Research Community page is a brillant tool for collaborating with researchers and genealogy professionals. If you ask a question on this page I guarantee you will get back more than you bargained for.

Newberry and Union County, SC African American Genealogy is another Facebook page that has popped up. I hope that it will turn into a Facebook page for all Newberry genealogy. What a great way to link county genealogies.

Hot off the press is The South Carolina Genealogical Society Facebook page. Many of the state chapters, including the Columbia chapter, have added their pages, too. The scgen website has a listing of all the chapters with a Facebook connection.

"Like 'em" and expand your resources. This is a hobby that is full of passion, collaboration and success. Facebook taps into all of that and makes it grow exponetially.

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