Saturday, July 9, 2011

Names, Names, Names

I would only confide this to Dead Librarian readers because it makes me sound very boring (or maybe "weird" is a more honest description) but I love lists of names. The very nature of a long tedious list provides countless opportunities for exploring misspellings, alphabetizing errors and serendipity (which is my very favorite research tool). There is always hope in scrolling through an endless list of names for genealogists.

So...imagine my delight in discovering a new list of South Carolina names thanks to the work of the Old Darlington District Genealogy Chapter of The South Carolina Genealogical Society. They have catalogued and indexed the genealogical collection of John Carroll Skinner. Skinner was a professional genealogist and author with strong ties to Darlington, Lee, and Sumter Counties, SC.

While the surnames and subjects listed on the website represent only a portion of the Skinner Genealogical Collection, the entire collection is available at the Hartsville Genealogical Research Library. If you decide to visit call first as they have limited research hours.

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