Sunday, February 5, 2012

History Whippets

The Morning Rush (MR) radio show on WCOS is my constant morning companion.  In my last post I shared a family history story from Kelly Nash, MR co-host.  A few days  ago Jonathan Rush talked about discovering a family link to Doc Holliday, a great American legend.  Rush found the connection through the Internet.  I love how an Internet search brought his family a moment to share.  But I promise this was a history whippet, a brief but pleasurable experience. 

This is a common experience and my constant battle. History whippets are fun but unless they are used to create a profound and lasting exploration they will quickly disappear.  I sent Rush a census record showing Holliday as an eight year old. It is a snapshot of time, a personal peek into one day of Holliday's life.  How cool is that? It makes you want to find out more and then Holliday really does become your living ancestor.  Sweet! 

Fortunately, the Internet can help turn that history whippet into a permanent source of family memories.  Many SC libraries, including Richland County Public Library, have several online genealogy databases.  They are an endless source of discovery.  We have a classes, as do other libraries, to turn your history whippets into history passions. 

But I am not done with Rush.  I have another "issue" for the next post...

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