Thursday, August 4, 2011

Virginia Meynard lecture notes

If you missed Virginia Meynard's lecture on the history of Lower Richland County then you missed a real treat. Meynard is the author of a new book "History of Lower Richland County and Its Early Planters". Her previous book "The Venturers: The Hampton, Harrison and Earle Families of Virginia, South Carolina and Texas" is currently out of print but available for check-out at the Richland County Public Library.

For the Lower Richland book Ms. Meynard had access to private genealogy collections from the families of the early white settlers. Meynard sorted through the genealogies and provides clear and easy to read histories of the families in the book.

Lower Richland is a unique community because many of the black and white families have remained in the area for generations. The history of the people are entwined in ways that researchers are just discovering. It is a "hotspot" for historical and family research.

At the request of several attendees to the lecture Virginia has made available her notes for that evenings presentation. We are deeply indebted to her research skills and to her presentation that evening.
For more information on Ms. Meynard's presentation go to Robin Foster's review at the Examiner.
(click the title post to see Ms. Meynard's notes).

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