Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dangerous Dead Librarian

A little knowledge goes a long way with the Dead Librarian.  I recently discovered that I can "easily" (Important word!) add pages to a blog. Not only can I add pages I can add documents to the pages.  SWEET!

This has completely solved a major sharing problem I was having.  We produce great content all the time around here.  Most of the time it is just a little inventive indexing but we don't have a good way to share it. 

The SC Slave and FPOC database is a perfect example.  Brent Holcomb's SC Marriages book includes slave and FPOC marriages but those names are not indexed.  A very skilled and devoted librarian (not me!) indexed all those missing names.  Brent Holcomb kindly told us about some other resources he published and the next thing I know is we have a nifty new index with almost 400 names for helping African American genealogists.

So keep checking on my "pages"!  Who knows what we will come up with to share.

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Debi Sargent said...

isn't it great to be able to do this so fast now adays...just happen to come across your blog and I wasn't even doing anything "genealogy"!