Thursday, November 10, 2011

FamilySearch Affiliate

It seems that I am now ready to announce that the Walker Local History Room is a FamilySearch Affiliate.  It is a big deal for us and for any researcher living near the library. 

Being an affiliate allows researchers to use the Main Library facilities for viewing their FHC microfilm.  Your research hours have just grown exponentially!  Most FHC's have limited hours for viewing film.  We are open 9-9 Monday-Friday; 9-6 Friday - Saturday; and 2-6 Sunday.  This also saves you money because the microfilm machines at the library can scan your images and save them to a USB storage device.  No printing costs!

We are very excited to start helping researchers who are studying records for every state in the US and every country in the world.  So many of our local researchers don't use the Walker Local History Room because they think we are only "local".  Being an affiliate gives us access to millions of records from all over the world through the resources at the FamilySearch library in Utah.

It is very easy to order your microfilm from the online film ordering site.  I have posted instructions on an additional page listed on the right. 

As always I am thrilled to work with FamilySearch.  They are kind and professional all the time.  I value their support (as well as your support!).

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Michelle said...

You have a wonderful blog! Thanks for posting all of this great information. How can I make my library into an affiliate? I am the genealogy librarian at the Lewiston Public Library in Niagara County, New York. We have no FHC in Niagara County and the need is great. Who can I contact to find out if this is a possibility?